Possibility of Sequel?

Does anyone think we may see a Grim Dawn 2 in the next few years? I really like the setting and lore behind it. This is one of the few Lovecraftian games done right. I also wonder if there’s a possibility we could see a game take place in a more futuristic setting, but still set in the same universe.

For instance, having it take place aboard a massive colony ship but infested with extradimensional enemies.

This post from late last year by medierra might answer some questions you have:

Sadly that sounds a lot like “probably not.” :cry:

I do hope it continues past expansions though. This is the only game out of the other two “similar games” (hint: the other two games also feature a guy with a big hat on their cover) that has a serious tone to it.

Plus, there’s not many good Lovecraftian games out there and this definitely qualifies as one of the few. I love the theme of non-human extradimensional threats that aren’t angels or demons, hellbent on doing bad things to humanity.

I for one welcome more adventures of horrific beings from the Upside Do… Uh, Aether threatening the material plane.

What other genre’s would go well in the Grim Dawn setting? Strategy would probably be one but I suck hard at it. I really would love to see more games set in the world of Cairn though. Most of these games you’re in a race to stop the antagonists plans, here in Grim Dawn the antagonists’ plans happened many months before and now you’re just trying to save what’s left of Cairn and humanity.

no way … just dlc

I’d rather see more expansions for awhile. The map of Cairne looks promising for new locations to explore.

Personally I don’t expect a Grim Dawn 2 before ten years (if ever).

If what medierra said is true - keep throwing more money at them and you never know what’ll happen :wink:

I want to support them much more but money is not on my side… If only I could rob a bank :rolleyes:

There is no need for Grim dawn 2, stupid to make a 2. Look at grinding gear games, they proved there doesn’t need to be a 2.

I know how it should be done do the devs know, I will see if they know.