Possible Bug - Fruit spoilage rate same as Preserves

Not sure if this a bug or working as intended, but – Fruit spoilage rate in game files is set to 18 months, which is the same as preserves (According to Items/Resource Data files).

It seems like this may not be intentional (or may have a hidden modifier not present in those files), the loading screen tip “Fruit Trees planted by Arborists are a good way to utilize less fertile land but Fruit spoils quickly unless preserved” suggests this is not intentional.

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I’ve also noticed that food spoilage was not changed when all my sand deposits depleted and the glass production was stopped.

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Hm, that doesn’t line up with the data when we checked it. What numbers are you looking at?

In practice, I am seeing fruit correctly spoil in 6 months while preserves last much longer.

Thanks for responding. I was checking the Items textasset file to see if I could reverse engineer spoilage rates using the LifetimeInMonths value (18 for fruit), but it looks like that means something other than spoilage/isn’t used by the engine in this way. :slight_smile:

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