Possible temporary workaround for stuck villager "known issue"

  • Rarely, some villagers can end up congregating in one spot, get stuck, and inevitably starve to death
    We do not support nor condone death cults. Cults are not part of the base game experience.We are investigating a fix for this issue. For now, if this occurs, you can work around it by walling off the afflicted area or starting a new map (sorry!).

I have a possible temporary workaround for the “known issue” where villagers congregate in a spot, get stuck, and starve (until it gets fixed in a future update).

Basically I just used the terrain flattening tool a few times in and around the area where villagers began getting stuck out of nowhere, and now they can path through that spot just fine (at least for now). It might require multiple uses of the flattening tool over the same/overlapping areas, and it might only help if the area has some natural elevation changes.

Notes: It was a semi-hilly area and had a cobble road. But after about ten years of actively mining the area, one day a dozen villagers or so decided to death cult themselves in one spot. They would occasionally make a halfhearted attempt to move, but never left the area.

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Already known as a solution in some cases, but doesn’t work all the time.

Ah! Thanks! I couldn’t find anything about it, so it might be good to add it to the “known issue” sticky as a possible workaround.

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