Posting Builds with Player.gdc folder

I suggest Authors of builds should post player.gdc folder since we cant download it from grimtool so people can actually try their build instantly.

Some authors are doing it.

But in my opinion it should be their decision if they want share the file or not.

The folder reflects in letters what grimtools shows so there is no reason to hide it. They upload this folder in grimtools. Or maybe i dont understand the goal of sharing a build then.

it gives you/people something to build and aim for in game
you know, like how builds for basically every RPG type game has been shared online since the days of diablo ? MMORPGs etc?, dark souls?
all have build sites/forums and collections, which in most cases, online or offline game, gives you something to work towards for XYZ purpose you might desire in that particular game
here’s an old one

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The “code” of the build in GT is just a combination of items, skills, devotions, etc. It’s not the actual file, nor those are stored anywhere when uploaded (at least I think so; Dammitt would probably need to pay a fuckton of $ for that extra hosting storage to store all the shit people upload). So it just reads the data it needs from the save and generates a link to it, is all.

Use GDStash to replicate the build if you can’t be bothered making it “legit” way, I guess. I used to do that with HeroEditor for Diablo 2 to see how build works - back when there was no all this fancy stuff to plan your builds in all the details and such. And I also can’t remember seeing people asking to upload the whole damn character just like that.


@Vule Just ask a builder for a file in PM and you’ll get it for sure.

@XandeRoot Yeah, Grim Tools doesn’t have particular items stats, just averages.
I think it would be a huge undertaking for Dammit to generate a whole .gdc file (items would have random stats) when he probably only reads just some parts of it.

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