Potent Oleron's Fervor - Bugged?

Hi, regarding Potent Oleron’s Fervor (can’t link as I’m too new)

I just spent a good while shooting dummies and could not see any 400% damage. I’m shooting once and watching my bleed damage as it ticks over, waiting, then shooting again. Must’ve done this 50 times, and I get practically the same numbers every time - physical shot + bleed, no proc. I’m using a rifle with fire strike, but also tried normal attack.
Can anyone confirm that this is working for them?


I use it and it seems to work. Remember that it’s 400% additive damage not multiplicative damage like the clean sweep transmuter from blade arc.

So end game when you have like 1000% phys damage or something, the difference won’t be huge but it’s still good. I like it.

Test it with a really low damage weapon witout DOTs and without any other equippment to get clean small numbers. When you crit like 50-100k you won’t be sure because there are too many variables.

Thanks for the reply Superfluff. Looking at it again and what you said makes more sense - I was looking for x4, but of course it’d be additive as x4 is crazy.

As for those 50k-100k crits, that’ll take me a while and I might need some help from a genius to nail the stats :wink: