Potential Through Focus.

I was looking for an alternative to PoE. Nothing wrong with the game, just kind of burnt out. Still wanted to play an ARPG. Was looking for something, and found this (sadly bought it a day before it went on sale, but I digress). So far I’ve made several characters, but gotten none past fifteen primarily due to not being able to find a skill I really enjoy, save one…

Grasping Vines is my favorite skill in your game. Its radius increases as you level, is a damaging skill, the cooldown is low, and while it wasn’t aesthetically a skill I’d choose, mechanically it feels wonderful to use. I’d like to make it my primary damage skill.

  • but the current system doesn’t really support that.

I understand GV is not designed to match PRM as a primary attack, nor do I expect it to. However, I feel that, if a person is willing to devote the entirety of their character, stat distribution, gearing, etc towards a specific goal or task (making GV, or hell, even Flashbang) in to their primary offensive skill, then they should be able to do so.

I suppose I’m too used to PoE, where just about anything could be made viable with proper gearing, nodes, etc. It’s just been frustrating as I try to find a skill that feels good to use for me. Most “AoE” skills have a smaller radius than I’d like, and I haven’t been able to find any way of improving that.

Other skills, such as DEE or PRM, require the player to target an enemy to achieve their AoE.

I’m playing this game while recovering from intensive surgery, and have been playing under the effects of hydrocodone, so targeting can be a bit of a struggle due to the drowsiness, thus my desire for a skill with AoE. I don’t expect all skills to compensate for someone under those conditions, but I don’t think I’ve ever played an ARPG with such small AoE skills before.

Perhaps I’ll enjoy the game more once I’m recovered, but it’s just been frustrating to want to play your game, but not be able to find a skill/build that’s both viable and feels good mechanically to play with.

I realize GV is completely adequate for beating Normal, but I always play with the intent to complete all the game’s content, so knowing that my desired playstyle won’t be able to do so, and being unable to find a suitable replacement is sorely vexing.

I suppose the suggestion is either to have the numbers adjusted for gear so that one can make any skill viable via stacking damage mods if they’re willing to sacrifice other mods, incorporate alternate means of adding damage to skills (so that Night’s Chill or even Flashbang capable of doing sufficient damage if stacked), or perhaps it might instead be easier to introduce mods that boost skill radius on to gear and in devotion constellations so that skills such as Sigil of Consumption, Callidor’s Tempest, and Trozan’s Sky Shard can have larger AoE for players that want it.

For an AOE spell as a primary damage source you could try out Sigill of Consumption. Its radius is not that big but it gets bigger with levels and the damage is enough to bring you past normal and with good vitality and chaos bonuses even elite.


I’m going to work towards something like this. I’m determined to see if I can make it work. If it doesn’t, oh well, but at least I’ll be playing the game.

Still hope they take some of my suggestions in to consideration.