Potion of Permanent HP, Spirit

It’s possible to make a potion give an attribute /skill point but is it possible to give a permanent +X HP or +X Spirit.
I tried template oneshot_potionhealth but bonusLifePoints or bonusManaPoints only restore lost HP/spirit.
Also oneshot_instantreward doesn’t make the item appear in my inventory.
Is there another template ?
I did not find any lua function that could do it.

I think they recalculate the stats on the fly a lot, and a flat "bonus’ would violate that design model. Hit tilde ~ or ` and try this:
game.IncrementAttribute Gives the player an attribute point

Might be able to script that somehow, I don’t know of any quests that give attribute points but there are quests that give skill points.

There is a LUA function to give attribute points but none to increase HP/spirit.
Thanks I think I will only use the attribute points then.