Just thought potions should not reset when you log out, instead only claim time during in-game, pause when you are out, resume when you are back in. Fair game if you die and it resets.

But everything else resets when you log out of a play session so why should potions be any different? :confused:

Not to mention that most potions are short time anyway, max of a few mins so how’s it really going to make any difference for all the hassle of coding this :undecided:

Hint: xp potion… Suggestions: 30 mins, half price… Thanks.

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Alright, then xp pots then? It’s an hour…

So what? Why should that matter?

Because what if I only play for 58 minutes! I lose out on 2 minutes of XP, and thats bullshit! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

When I play 15 minutes I’d appreciate the potion effect to stay. :wink:

Becaus you have no guarantee your 80.000 irons spent on the xp pot will worth the 1h of bonus.

If you have many characters… Wait, let me rephrase. If you have a character that has nice clearing or fast clearing, 40k of iron is like 4 iron. If I remember correctly, one run of e.g. Ancient Grove gives you around 50k gold, if you pick every rare+ item. If you play a character that has fast clearing, you can finish AG in less than 10 minutes, running straight forward and killing everything in your path + all bosses. If you do a farming marathon, let’s say 5 hours when you have free time, you can easily farm up to few millions. It’s easy to get money in this game, so I don’t think that losing one potion every few days is something lethal to your in-game wallet. I personally use at max 3 exp potions per character, mostly I don’t even use them because Lokarr set gives enough of additional exp.