Preserve vegetables and fruit

Can you only conserve the vegetables and fruit from level 4? Is a new building unlocked at level 4 which conserves the food?

The preservation building is unlocked at Tier 3.

Yes, my mistake, somehow I overlooked that every time, thank you XD

need a lot of “glassware” and the glassmakers need a buff lmao. I guess when people empty the glassware they smash it. Back when they first started using glassware it was cherished and extremely reused. Breaking one would break peoples hearts.

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It’s the glass that is the hard part. Not only do you actually need to have a good amount of sand - which isn’t easy to find on some map sets - but you also have to compete with the people who take glass as a luxury item.

Whenever I start a new game I always look for two things: a decent to good supply of clay and sand. The clay basically finances my early game with pottery trading and the sand I accumulate until needed for glass. If I’m lucky and there is a nice supply I can have both reliably. If not it’s buying from the trader or aimlessly exploring the map hoping I find some.

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