Price of xpac to high? Thoughts?

Firstly going to buy it any way but I think the price point is a bit on the high end.

The going rate of base game is 24.99. 4 acts, 6 classes

Xpac 17.99 2 acts 2 classes. Seems steep to me. Compared to d3’s Necro pac (14.99) this is a steal and should be more but when compared to full game being only 7 dollars more it seems odd. Not sure if 14.99 would sound better? 9.99 makes more sense but I understand that low leaves little reward if any for the programmers.

Anyway what’s your thoughts to high, to low or right on the button?

People need to learn better metrics for costing. The current proposal (which has been used in a number of other posts) is too simplistic.

Not sure why you care considering you are buying it. :smiley:

Edit: Other things were done besides adding two new classes and two new acts. Maybe search the forums a bit, or look at the Grim Misadventures posts?

1400 hours atm.
so with xpac I likely to have that again maybe more
no game I bought expect Bf back in 2005 has given me the same amount of hours along with everquest back in 99.
17:99 is really a fair price for the work they done.

Bfront 2 costs 80 euro here, 80!
silly really and I dont buy that

Its not just 2 masteries since GD is triple class system (devotion is just a massive flexible mastery pool) it just multiples a lot, a big AAA game company would charged 20$ just for that considering how DLCs are sold these days

All I can say is, after texting the expansion for roughly 3 months or so, I’d gladly pay $30 for it, because the current price is extremely cheap for all the amazing work and extra content they’ve put in the development of this expansion + the previous free content they’ve gave us (Port Valbury and The Hidden Path, for example).

Saying that Crate is charging too much for this expansion is a laughable joke at best.

The original game was actually very cheap. Sure there’s about half the content of the original game. But, actually the expension will bring more than 50% of the gameplay because it is a question of combination. If you stack all the combinations you’ll see that you have way more than 50%. It is perhaps around 200-300%. So, it is worth it.

The price for the base game is ridiculously low for what you get. And that goes the same for the expansion. If you compare the prices together than see it as a extra payment for the base game or just see the two of them as a complete game.

The real steal is that the Core Game is only 24,99. It should be 40 atleast for what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Expansion. Hype.

To my it’s hard to say. I have never been in a development of a game like this one.
So, I can’t say for sure if it’s the right price or not.

All I can say is that, where I live I can easily spend more than U$D 18 in a dinner for one.
In my opinion paying that for the expansion is not excessive.

I am aware of other features, plus 5 levels to each devotion skill, plus 14 new constellations to name a couple but what the most people see xpacs for is how many characters and acts are being added over looking most everything else such as balance, items, etc.

I don’t disagree with their logic with the price at 17.99 just odd that it’s almost the same price as core game. Like others have posted the core game should be 39.99 - 54.99, (consider us lucky to have it cheap) then the $18 xpansion would make more sense.

I think eventually they will move away from two skews of game and expansion and combine them for that price range I mentioned? They could easily make more on the game if they wanted to.

I have I think over 1200 HRs I’m so it’s worth every penny.

The base game was actually under-priced, I think it’s cause they’re indie devs starting off with a new title or maybe the reason was something else. But it definitely was under-priced.
So expac is priced perfectly

I am glad you and others do feel the game’s price should be increased. But I am pretty sure it ain’t doable now

I can’t see how you compare the expansions to Diablo 3’s Necromancer pack.

Realistically you should do so with Reap of Souls which probably would be like $40-$60 on release.

really? are you kidding me !? i really dont understand your thoughts on pricing … i would pay 100 $ for it… i love this game. its the best arpg ever made and guys say 17.99 is to much :D? you are joking… the base game with 24.99 is to low… you get 2 games for 42.98 … d3 isnt really 1 game with the base + xpac + stupid dlc… :furious:

I think i played vanilla for 1900hrs. Calling xpac too high at 17eur with all its content is just not rational imo when AAA titles are 60bucks and offers 30hrs of gameplay.

But you didn’t mention any of that in the OP. :confused:

Then why the post? :confused:

Edit: In regards to this part of your post:

Here’s my quote later on in the thread:

I think people are misunderstanding the OP because of the title.

I payed 15 € for this game and now I feel bad for it. I would have pay 50 €.
I would have paid 30€ for this expansion without any doubt and now I feel bad for paying only 18€ for 2 classes I’ve waiting a lot and will give me a lot of hours of fun.
As someone said, the necro DLC (only 1 character)for D3 it’s 15€, how can you see this EXPANSION expensive??
An indie company needs more money to sustain themselves but they put it at a reasonable, even low price, thinking in their fans…this is a loable thing looking the bussines of DLCs nowadays.

I asked Zantai in a stream if they are going to be okay with these prices and he said that they are ok and with a lot of time ahead to develop this game.
Ithink they deserve more credit and more money to be honest.

Thank you crate!

I don’t know what’s funnier. The fact that people think that this price is too high, or the fact that it costs 7 dollars in my country.

Perhaps, but they had a chance to clarify their post, and they didn’t. :confused:

Edit: Well they did! :stuck_out_tongue: