Primal strike 1.0.10

Just a short question about the New Patch.
Primal strike got more weapon dmg but less overall damage with transmuter…
Does ps more or less damage now when using as LMB main attack?
Is it a nerf or a boost?

It only got an extra 3% damage penalty while it got a 50% boost to weapon damage. This combined with the increase to base damage for all 2H weapons, means a rather sizable increase in power.

But still Savagery is a more worthwhile choice right?

Primal Srike imo needs its on identity. Like despite Cadence being OP, Blade Arc has it’s own identity for Bleed and IT builds for that massive crit damage

I now think that adding Torrent to weapon damage or adding more damage wont do much for PS. Just my 2c

Savagery is still better. I guess Crate thinks PS great aoe is own its “identity” but forgets that you can easily patch Savagery lack of aoe while still doing more damage.

At this point i want Brute Force to also include 2H Ranged weapons, so at least ranged PS will be better.

Yeah i always find it weird, Ranged is very gimped in almost every game.

PS could be a thing if Storm touched lasted for Savagery duration and buffed every atack, like Lethal assault/deadly momentum does. That would make sense for Electrolute based build. Right now electrolute is the worst dmg in the game :roll: .

Vitality decay, no? I know that vit. decay will get a nice support in the expansion but now it is for sure worst type of damage

Oh, vitality decay is so bad, i forgot about it existence ::eek::

% Health Reduction is the worst damage, please. XD

transmuted PS is trash, the trick is Savagery+non transmuted PS

…which is still mediocre compared to 1Hshield/DW builds

Wait, what?:stuck_out_tongue:


What I meant is despite being the usual no brainer in Soldier mastery, blade arc shines in its own department. Even though Cadence WB with Gutripper is very awesome to play with, a BA Crit based Bleed build is pretty cool as well