Primal Strike Gearing Leveling

What is stat priority for leveling primal strine? It’s kind of hard to tell what gives most dps.

Like if i get a weapon and it has a decent amount more phys damage but the other weapon has more electrical damage %. Plus other stuff…

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Since your main damage is lightning, go for second option.

The main things to look out for are:

  • Lightning damage (either a weapon that that has Physical damage/Physical damage converted to Lightning and/or is pure Lightning damage).
  • Attack speed.

After those, any other nice goodies are worth considering like:

  • Relevant skill modifiers and bonuses (e.g. +x to Primal Strike/Storm Surge/Torrent, Shaman).
  • Weapon damage procs.
  • Misc. stats like OA, crit damage etc.