Primal Strike - melee or ranged

Hi guys,

Is primal strike better suited for a 2H melee or 2H ranged?

Both have good green items support :smiley: so they can be farmed :smiley:


Ranged. I think it plays more comfortably as you don’t need to approach enemies before you can hit them and also have some silly builds using ranged weapons with pass through.

Some example:


OK, cheers!

but this is my 2nd spec and I don’t have all this uber equipment :wink:

hmm…there is also Fire Strike damn it for 2H rifles :wink:

Play what you like more - all can be done well.
You can also switch Primal Strike from Melee to Range or the other way round if you so decide at some point.

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what do you think would be stronger for a 2H rifle hen - fire strike or Primal strike ?