Primal Strike or Savagery on Ultos 2H Warder

I’m building a 2H Warder using Ultos set except the weapon because Leviathan is stronger than Ultos’ Stormseeker and i don’t think the last set option is worth it.
Anyway, i don’t know if i should go for savagery or Primal Strike, Ultos gives more bonuses to the Primal Strike tree but when i try building PS tree the DPS comparing to Savagery tree is much less.
I guess PS for AOE and Savagery for single target damage output + attack speed?
Any opinion, guys?

Ps is better than savagery in every situation with ultos set
Ultos weapon is better
Physical no good. The 2x aoe proc on ultos is worth

I’d disagree. Savagery is better defensively in any situation. 8% phys res, 90 def ability, 100% health regen - huge things. Savagery severely lacks AoE, but this can be obtained with other skills/passives/item procs.

I found Savagery better than PS in every aspect for me. Offensively (single target dmg is what does matter for bosses and heroes while trash dies due to Ultos’ weapon proc and devo procs and Feral Hunger) + OA from Tenacity + Atk Spd, defensively (Tenacity + Savagery transmute) + Feral Hunger lifesteal + no problem with mana regen (you don’t need those stupid ecthoplasms on your rings).

I just don’t see ANY aspect in which melee Primal Strike can be comparable to Savagery in late game. Maybe only Falcon proc rate (in theory it’s x2 compared to savagery, but in my experience it doesn’t differ much).

PS: Ultos’ weapon is only comparable with Stormreaver for 2H lightning melee builds. And I found full set proc + Ultos’ weapon proc making me completely forget about lack of AOE on Savagery.

PS2: There’s also advanced build utilizing both Savagery (to aquire all its benefits you only need 1 charge up) and Primal Strike. Your main attack would be PS but you’d need to maintain Savagery charge up. I just didn’t want to bother cause my pure Savagery druid performs just fine, but you can try this if you wish.

Primal Strike all the way, apart from the small defensive bonus mentioned savagery does nothing better.
And only Primal Strike scales well in ultimate levels. With the full ultos set there really is no contest.

Pretty sure primal is better even on single target. I killed fabius with primal in 15 sec. Show me a faster kill with savagery.

With conjurer. And I’m pretty sure you can kill faster with savagery yourself. It takes me around 20-25 sec to kill Fab with my druid with BoM (so no -res from Black star and -res from curse etc).

its not like u lose the -res from blackstar for nothing. BoM gives u stats too.
arcanist has some dmg bonuses as well, while i think conjurer is better again its not -res vs. nothing, there’s something to be gained as well.

20-25 is like 50-70% slower , obviously numbers in this low range are subject to rng, but we are comparing a single target skill vs. full time aoe skill at that and say i get around a 15s kill with conjurer + savagery on a single target boss, then primal is still a clear win since the aoe clear speed isn’t even comparable.

It’s really hard to compare those two. I would say savagery if you need some additional defence and have some aoe, primal strike otherwise.
I chose savagery for my build because of phys res and oa/da, which I believe are hard to get and essential to make most use of the stormcaller’s pact.

I had 2 trickster builds using savagery as main an primal strike as second. Works great. Now my hc one died from a stupid mistake (ground aether dmg). So I tested what everyone says, primal strike as main. I have huge problems with energy on bosses. And when pots are on cool down I only do 1/7 of my total damage. I’m level 20 in HC. This will prolly get better later but atm this build sucks.

primal strike is better it’s sure :slight_smile: