Primal Strike questions

Heya! so I been thinking about making a primal strike build,I rly like how flashy it looks and arcs around,but I have a few questions about it:
1: is it viable?
2:would it be better as a 2h melee build?or 2h rifle?
3:do passives like ‘‘feral hunger’’ proc off it?

also,what mastery combo would be best if I wanted to switch from ranged to melee

Viable? Absolutely.

The Ultos set is probably the best end-game set for it, that’s 2H Melee.
Here’s two really good posts about it.

Vindicator is probably the more well rounded class, there’s a lot of options for doing different things if you have trouble getting pieces of that set.

Edit: It’s not a default weapon attack, so no on Feral Hunger.

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thanks for the help:D

I have made builds both as melee and ranged and they are viable.

I prefer personally the melee style. But Ranged is strong too with good rolled Sparkthrower.

As class Vindicator is best. Conjurer is slightly glassy, but is fine too.

I am wondering if it’s posible to make the build work by not including savagery,would it hinder it to much?I am thinking something like this

No items no build.

There are already melee and ranged Primal Strike builds posted, you could have a look at them.

It would work without savagery but you will get gimped a bit not having phys res, OA/DA and speed.

Sadly Tenacity of boar is must.

I know it’s DPS loss to change Savagery, but I need the buff. Storm Touched isn’t that important, but Physical resistance, OA, DA and slow are important.

Those stats can be found on gear though. Using Savagery stacks just makes gearing a little bit easier :slight_smile: IMO