[PRM Build] Panettis Build for 110? Help!

Searched forum, but can’t find much that is current for 110.

When I bought this game, I wanted to make a spellcaster/sorceress/mage for my 1st build, and this seems to fit the bill.

Now im 110, but is there any changes to the build from what I could find dating back to 2016/2017?

The most recent Panetti’s build I can think of is janodal’s Mom’s Panetti Mage Hunter that seems to focus on Elemental damage with the Invoker set.

Chthon has also posted an Aether-focused Mage Hunter that uses Panetti’s here.

Thanks, seems not much new for 110 then or so :slight_smile:

ALSO; What is the better pure caster/mage type of build? Hope I picked the better one ^^

What do you mean by “for 110”?

We’ll I assumed that all, if not most, items and builds are changed completely at 110 compared to 85, but seems this expansion ain’t that kind of expansion.

Guys, seems like we busted a time traveller here :smiley:


Good to have Grim Dawn stash then…Changed from Nightblade also. Its odd, all PRM builds I looked at back then all used Nightblade, not many points into it, but it seemt like good defensive tree with max arcane.

Level cap is 100. And not 110

That’s because he’s from the future where second xpak is already released :rolleyes:

typo is fun ehh :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was just the first post, I would have assumed typo, but it’s no biggy. I guess you just didn’t realize what the cap was or typoed twice.

Anyway, I went to make a PRM build not long ago, and loaded up a bunch of PRM gear with good PRM special bonuses, and was very disappointed in the DPS I was seeing and decided against it. I think the build will work for the campaign, and it will clear groups out fine. The single target DPS, on the other hand, seemed quite low. It should do fine for the campaign, but don’t expect fast kills.

The cool thing is there is at least 1 item that adds ADCTH to PRM (8%) and other items that add raw damage, and weapon damage% to it (20%). It should be fun, but single target DPS was something in the neighborhood of 50-60K if I recall, compared to 220K on AAR with similar items.

Yea, quite sure its not good flavour of month etc etc, just wanted a mage build for my first…100 :smiley: Yay remembered hehe. I tend to go mage/caster>Melee>Fun build/Flavour of month in new ARPG’s I try.