PRM Build question

Hey guys,

just a quick question about PRM build.
I want to play a warlock with PRM (elemental damage max) and
curse of fratilty.
I want to Focus on elemental damage so i think rhowans crown and
blind sage are important to take.
Which other constellations are important? Is widow needed for aether
resistance or can it work to justfocus on elemental??

I play a pure elemental PRM Warlock.

For constellations:
Rhowan’s Crown and Blind Sage as mentioned.
You probably want Spider and Oklaine’s Lantern for the cast speed.
A defensive one like Tortoise is useful when Mirror is on cooldown.

If you focus only on elemental damage:
PRM needs as many +skills as possible to increase its base elemental damage, you preferably want +10 to PRM from items so that you get a rank 26 PRM.

Items like Panetti’s Replicating Wand, Badge of Mastery +3 or +5 PRM (craftable but takes time/effort), Valdaran’s Mantle +3 PRM (farm in Elite if you can’t handle Ultimate Valdaran), etc. help a lot.

Supercharged raises all elemental damage so it should be maxed.

Distortion only raises Fire damage which is lackluster, but you may want some points to increase the projectile pierce chance.

Proliferation only does Aether damage so 1 point is enough.

Maxed Olexra’s Flash Freeze is great crowd control and also keeps enemies in Rhowan’s Crown’s Elemental Storm.

One thing with pure elemental PRM is that both choices of Exclusive skill are viable.

Reckless Power boosts Fire/Aether, so only 1/3 of PRM’s elemental damage is boosted. It does give cast speed which is great for PRM. Also good if you put points into Devastation.

Star Pact boosts Cold/Lit, so 2/3 of PRM’s damage is boosted, but the cooldown reduction is useless for PRM. CDR is great for Mirror/Flash Freeze though.

does a mix of elemental / aether work well?

i want to use invokers + Panetti’s Replicating Wand + The Paragon of Arcanum

not sure about second mastery… may demo for OA + DA debuff + fire + lightning?
got to many occultists ^^

grimcalc could be like this

well yeah thats a really nice build chthon, but its not really an elemental prm build :wink:

added grimcalc