PRM Feedback

These items got some flat damage buffs, so firing this up based on @Firozo’s feedback thread

Sigillis based Ele PRM:

Seems like it’s in a decent spot, I expected this to be a meme but damage is quite decent now with a 5 minute run and definitely room to improve based on mutators and lining up shotguns per @romanN1 . Standard Panetti’s wand PRM still needs to be tested

Natural PRM:

Tested on a lark, obviously slower than most converted options but was actually SR75-76 stable for farming.

Split cold/light PRM:

This felt bad, split doesn’t seem to work well and is weighed heavily to cold, so would need to take murmur. Damage was not great, Fabius was a nightmare. My best guess was not converting aether on proliferation made clearing considerably slower.