PRM Sorceress that considers dying a polite suggestion (also hi)

Firstly, hi! I just made my account. Secondly, could I get some help with this theory crafted build? ( I’m struggling with getting my offensive and defensive ability up to snuff. I’m also open to suggestions on devotion setup I’m only certain with Blind Sage, Rhowan’s Crown and Behemoth.

Basically, I’m designing and intending to play a PRM sorcerer who’s also obscenely hard to kill for a caster. Main goal is main campaign with ease, going as deep into Shattered Realm as I can and optionally taking on a superboss.

Edit: Just made the edits for better OA and rr. I made a few touches of my own. Could I get an opinion on it?

Hi and welcome!

@mad_lee made one of the best PRM specs out there prior to its nerfs. That being said, it’s still a great set, and itemization would more or less still be the same :slight_smile:

The DA seems a bit low though. Still thanks, some of that looks good. Also, I’m already leveling the build so I can’t make it a Mage Hunter.

It’s too complicated a topic for me to succinctly explain why DA is not the end all be all of defensive stats.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

While the underlying mechanics of each stat works the same way on every character, how much utility the character gains from each stat varies.

E.g. it’s rather inefficient to stack %armor if I’m playing a caster using equipment with a low armor rating.

So the key is to understand how each of these things work, then look at the tools you have at your disposal to figure out the best way to build defence/offence.

Regarding the MH, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more optimal PRM caster than that. But again, I’m talking about end game challenges like SR 65+

So if that’s something you don’t really care for, then more power to you!

Ah, that makes sense. What I am wondering about is how it got that much OA. And yeah, not trying to be top tier, just have fun imagining everbody scream ‘WHY WONT YOU DIE’ as I blast them.

that is one of the tankiest casters you will ever see. DA is fine in-game thanks to crafts. It’s still pretty great.

I can tell that much, considering how much damage absorb Inquistor’s Seal gives amongst other things. It’s just that I think I’m addicted to Demo, just a little bit.

try this

EDIT: BWC debuffs enemies for -214 OA, and also reduces their physical damage.

You’ll be protected by a tonne of bubbles:

  • maiven’s
  • crab
  • seal of ancestry
  • Prismatic diamond
  • phoenix

There’s also mirror and blastshield to fall back on.

Thank’s! That is a big improvement. Though I’m wondering why you took off Devastation, considering PRM’s single target DPS.

I can attest to this being a blast (pun intended.) I leveled my Mage Hunter specifically with this spec in mind and it was great fun. I died maybe three or four times at most, can’t look right now, and I was able to complete everything in Campaign and SR up to 50.

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PRM is like a scatter gun. It has massive AoE.

Besides, you’ll have tonnes of procs and BWC for AoE damage.

Looking at the GT again, you may actually need to get fateweaver’s chest piece for better resists, and drop seal of might for seal of corruption to proc your devotions.

Perhaps this:

I meant PRM having lowish single target DPS, compared to other skills.

It doesn’t. because every time it pierce through an enemy, it replicates. So the more enemies clumped together, the better the single target damage becomes.

Also, you have about 2600% elemental damage here.

That assumes that said single target is surround by crowds. Still, I get what you mean. Also, why low acid resist overcap?

I’ve helped mad_lee to test his spec extensively, and it’s certainly not lacking in the single target department.

It’s definitely no belgo blademaster in terms of single target DPS, but it does a good job.

Is the lack of health regeneration because you have ADctH on PRM?

Yes. Adcth is the most important defence in your toolkit.

The more damage you stack, the harder you are to take down.

All you need to do is consistently negate one-shots (and that’s what the bubbles are for) and laugh as you watch your HP bar zip right back up.

Makes sense to me. Also fits in with my imagination pretty well too. The low health kinda concerns me though. Also, do you think Elemental Seekers are a good proc to have or should I try something else? Also is Vindictive Flame low because of elemental damage increase?

elemental seekers are the strongest elemental damage proc if:

  1. You can support triple elemental damage (which you can with your RR and elemental damage)
  2. Or if you can convert them to a damage type you can support.

If you want more HP…

Personally, I think you’re going to need to try and get yourself killed on this spec

vindictive flame is low because you invoker PRM isn’t built for HP regen, nor are you in need of casting speed.

The adcth on ulzuin’s wrath also pales in comparison to PRM

You’re the expert and everything you said makes pretty good sense to me. Also admittedly, the knockdown on Vindictive Flame is major part of its appeal to me. Also, is Crab actually good? I’ve seen a lot of people say it sucks.