Pro looting stratz?

So right now since i’m a hard nub with this game i’m having troubles knowing what the f to sell or not sell, specially for epic and green items since it’s a pain to manage mules constanly for them.

In general for armors i look for res and other useful stuff and weapons i look for full yolo damage and maybe +x to skills…

Any tips?

My three main strategies is as follows:

1: Prioritize characters.
You can’t possibly devote enough time into the game to make a character to use every piece of gear you find. As such, it makes sense to not keep around any gear you’ll never use. If you don’t like arcanists, then there’s no reason to keep around Iskandra’s regalia. Not a fan of pets? No need for pet gear. Etc. I’d say focusing in on no more than two or three characters to start is a good baseline.

2: Rares and MI’s.
This one is a bit more complicated, since there are so many options. There’s no one single way to do this, but the way I go about it is for each character I have going (Like described above) I have a list of three or four rare prefixes and suffixes that suit the class well. For example, the ‘Thunderstruck’ for a lightning Vindicator, or the ‘of the Flesh Hulk’ for a death knight. As you’re glancing through the loot that drops, if you can recognize those few keywords then you can check those specific pieces, instead of literally everything.

3: Save legends. Sell anything else that you won’t be using soon.
This one is pretty self explanatory. Keeping a full Marauder’s set around might be cool, but if you only play melee? As good as dead weight. If there’s kind of a grey area where you think you could use it, but aren’t sure? Put it in the very last tab of your shared stash for a couple months. If you haven’t touched it in a while, dump it. The exception is legends, since they can be used for barter if you ever trade.

I hope these help you. They’ve done wonders for at least me, and getting over my ‘hoard everything!’ instinct.

It’s not like a hoarding issue, i just don’t know what to play next. Kinda like all types of clases melee/ranged/caster/summoner. Also i’m just collecting the set items to getting used to them and have them in mind if i ever want to play a build.

Also some of those monster infrequents roll so juicy with so many stats that is hard to sell those ya know…

You have GD stash, save them there (which is the point of that tool)

You can have a look at this thread.
1st post lists MIs by usefulness, second one lists affixes by usefulness. Might not be totally up-to-date and you might disagree with some of his conclusions and/or want to try something new but it’s a great start (note that if i understand correctly most of his conclusions come from discussion with top players so they are probably mostly valid, but that doesn’t stop anyone from trying something new)

Personally i tend to keep boss MIs but not regular mobs MIs unless i have a build in mind that would benefit from those. Regular mobs MIs drop in large numbers every playthrough anyway.

And yes, if you have enough self-control to avoid blatantly cheating : use GDStash. It will give you an infinite stash with a powerful search.