Problem selecting tiles next to walls

For instance if I have a road running alongside a wall and I click on it to upgrade invariably the nearest wall tile is selected not the road. Moving the camera angle around solves problem but something not quite right I think.

I’ve noticed certain structures like walls go much further underground than they appear, this seems to mess with targeting from certain angles as the game refuses to target what you click on. I have the same problem with apiary I place in fields near corners, the game always wants to target the fence around the field and not the building on that square. Like the object is too small of a target and thus gets bypassed by the larger it assumes you actually meant to select. Annoying bug, but not game breaking.

Roads are a lower priority for selection. This is not a bug.

Is that just roads or also small buildings like apiary which need to be constantly repaired every few years? Because that can be an annoying little tidbit, has been for me at least. Zoom/turn the camera from the desired angle or just forget the building entirely based on the difficulty to select it.

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