Problem with files: "ui.arc"

Problem with files: “.arc”

Gentlemen. I have studied the files but I have only one problem!
D: \ Grim Dawn \ working \ mods \ ImmortalGrim \ resources \ ui \ items \ misc \ potions \ I have, for example, two files: “potion.tex” and “potion2.tex” how to convert them to create a file: "items.arc "with this I have a problem how to build it and add it to the package. I am asking for a quick guide :slight_smile: I’m an old man, I’m learning only

I can build a package, the Edition is pretty cool
D:\Grim Dawn\working\mods\TestMod\database\records.

I encountered a problem:
D:\Grim Dawn\working\mods\ImmortalGrim\resources Files: “creatures” and “ui” exemplary file format: “hud_ui.tex” how to build it to create: “ui.arc”