Problems with rewards & shrines mod in multiplayer, and other questions

Hi everyone, I’m new to modding and I’m running into some problems,

First I’d like to ask about problems my friend and I are having with my mod in multiplayer games :

I made a quick mod with edited quests rewards and extra devotion points, but sometimes my friend doesn’t get the same quest reward as I do, or when he activates a shrine we get the base amount devotion point even though I set it to 2 in the mod.

Is it maybe a host/guest problem with who’s activating the quest or shrine? (we haven’t tested that yet)
Or is it because I edited the mod in between games and he has like a cached version without the new edits on his pc ?

Also, I can’t find the correct way to edit the quests that are located in the “gdareab” and other sub-folders in /resources/quests/ :

For the quests rewards I just copy the quest I want from /resources/quests/ into /mymod/source/Quests , and that works, so I can edit Act 1 quests as I want, the problem is with Act 2+ quests, in the gdareab folder for example.

If I create a subfolder called gdareab in mymod/source/Quests folder, the Asset Manager gives me an error when I try to “Auto-Create Asset” on it, and if I put the quest .qst file in the root folder, the quest isn’t modified once in the game. There’s something I’m missing there :confused:

^ ok i think i got this part solved, error message i got was probably because the game was running in the back while i was editing the quests

I know it’s a lot to read so thank you if you’ve made it this far :slight_smile: any help is appreciated