Proc question

Just a short question i wonder about:
I put a critical proc like reckless tempest on savagery and
Another critical proc on upheaval.
When doing a crit with savagery then upheaval will always
Proc and I never get the reckless tempest???

Yes, only upheaval will proc at the time

Actually no. WPS doesn’t override default attack, you still get reckless tempest even if it attached to Savagery. Also if you have another devotion activated on crit attached to Upheaval - they both will proc at the same time.

Are u sure? or it’s just Cadence that is different? cause I read somewhere that cadence third hit proc would not happen if a WPS occur first, not counting a cadence hit, and so if it crits id doesn’t count

I’m sure, very easy to check this in game. Cadence 3rd hit isn’t a default attack replacer, it doesn’t work with WPS, so can’t proc two devotions like Savagery.