Prototype of a blood orb warlock build, would like some critique

This is the first time I try to put together a skill build, the idea is to use the blood orb of ch’thon to amp the chaos damage from the aether ray, the arcanist template was taken from the lasers and explosions build popular right now.

I’m no expert, but are you autoattacking with any weapon skill? Since you are maxing IEE and taking consecrated blade.

apparently the reason the build I based on has IEE maxed is for the energy regeneration, since beam consumes so freaking much

Main thing is debuffing res for chaos is hard and most endgame mobs are chaos type

OP, one point in Solael’s Witchfire, max Second Rite, and remove transmuter. On Arcanist side, max Mental Alacrity. With the blood orb, its possible to convert Panetti’s Repicate Missile into a chaos version. Debuffing Chaos resistant mobs will still be an issue though.

Would it be a good idea to remove the chaos damage conversion entirely from aether ray, and instead make a aether/chaos damage build by turning panetti’s missiles into your chaos damage source?

What’s the difference? Both will do Aether/Chaos damage in the end, except ARR requires less points to maximize its potential.

What’s the point of converting elemental into chaos on warlock, when you lose CoF/Vulnerability debuff? By going Possession instead of Reckless power, you gimp your DPS because you lose cast speed. RP is perfectly suited for a standard AAR, Possession is useless. The base vitality damage on AAR/Desintegration is very low and not worth investing into.

More importantly, chaos is more resisted in the end game and harder to debuff.

For Aether, you have Widow, Warpfire, Eternal haunt ring. For Chaos, you have Fang of Chton and Solael’s Witchblade (constellation), both of which are weaker than their aether equivalent. For fire damage, you have Vulnerability, which alone is better than all of the chaos debuffs, and you also get the reduction from Warpfire (and Tome of names and Ulzuin’s hat if you wish to use any of those for some reason).

Devastation is aether and there is no aether->chaos conversion items, so you are stuck with that.

All the best Arcanist/AAR items like Anesteria’s helm or Maw of despair, Aetherreach, Phantom-thread girdle, Aldana’s vanity… all give bonuses to aether/fire instead of chaos.

The Aether dmg devotions lead naturally into defensive devotions like Solemn watcher, Obelisk, Tree of life etc. On chaos side, there is only Behemoth which was nerfed into the ground recently. And don’t forger that Warlock already has very weak defences (only 15-18% absorption if you chose to get Possession against better judgement) compared to Sorcerer (Blast Shield + Aldanar’s, Flashbang) or Battlemage (massive health pool, Scars of battle, Field command).

The worst part is, you don’t even sacrifice survivability for massive DPS (which is already bad in Ultimate), but you actually sacrifice offence as well (even more than just by taking Possession instead of RT). Sorc has Flame touched and Vindictive flame which give massive bonuses to cast speed and OA along with some fire damage, Battlemage has Field command for some extra OA, and access to Fighting spirit + Aldanar’s vanity + cooldown reduction from caster items, giving an insane bonus to all damage and OA. The only thing occultist gives is OA from Blood of Dreeg, AND THE ELEMENTAL RESIST DEBUFF FROM VULNERABILITY WHICH YOU DECIDED YOU DON’T WANT!

I know Blood orb is a cute gimmick, but save yourself some frustration and ignore it. The only useful thing out of the Warlock tree, aside from Vulnerability, is the Sigil of Consumption, which can be converted into aether damage (Clairvoyant chest/shoulders, Albrecht’s duality) and provides not only survivability (because it’s still not as effective as soldier/demo skills), but much needed mob clearing, so you don’t have to waste tons of mana on AAR every time Devastation is on cooldown. The only problem with this is that it will remain at low level because there are no useful items that boost Destruction.

very interesting thread, as i’m planning a Blood Orb’s Warlock too :slight_smile: (this item is really hard to resist :stuck_out_tongue: ) i was thinking about using PRM as a main skill and MS/Possession for defense, but Ultimate seems out of reach currently.

well i didn’t loot the orb for now so i have plenty of time to think about it i guess :smiley: