Pub => Inn Idea

Hello, I was just thinking on ideas for entertainment buildings, and tax producers, and came up with this!

I was thinking that the Pub could be reworked or upgrade (at Tier IV?) into an Inn type of structure. This building would hold multiple beds (functioning as a shelter), would provide food (villagers would seek it out when hungry), would provide beer (as the Pub does), would provide entertainment (because beer), and would also generate tax revenue when any of its services are provided to villagers. Its placement would be both for entertainment, and also tax revenue, or both depending on how your town setup goes. For instance, it could be put in a remote area and villagers could snooze away there rather than trek all the way home, and you would get income for it. In some respects, it would make the Temporary Shelter obsolete, but as I’m talking about a Tier IV building, versus Temporary Shelter as Tier II, I don’t think there’s a huge conflict here.

The number of workers would also increase (to two?) as the structure would need to supply itself with food and firewood in addition to beer, requiring more labor.

The bit about functioning as a makeshift shelter is a little shaky, because there isn’t really a need for that in the current scheme of things, but the idea didn’t feel complete without including the ability to sleep there.


Like your idea! Maybe the sleep function will attract more newcomers to town, higher immigration rate? It can also be used as a buffer if there’s a housing shortage.

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