Purpose built Lokarr killer?

Are there many HC viable builds specifically for taking out Lokarr?

I emptied my save games and disabled cloud sync the other day, to revisit progression from scratch before I recommend the game to friends. Pretty quickly, I’m missing having access to Lokarr’s set, and wondering what would be the path of least resistance to get it.

I have okayish components, and one HC character through most of elite, which I plan on finishing for merit access. In other words, I’m going to be in a position to speed level new characters, and could easily farm something like Krieg’s sets, but I’m still hoping to figure out a budget option, that doesn’t require levelling and gearing too many replacement characters.

I did find one relevant looking guide/build, but even that feels a bit gear dependent and less purpose built than I was thinking. I did however decide to level a character based on it, and am going to try to make a few more optimizations for Lokarr, and see how budget I can make it work. I’m just hoping to have a backup plan, in case things aren’t looking good with that.

Since Malawiglenn pulled all his posts for some reason, I can’t recommend a specific build guide right now. But my approach for a Melee build would be to go with a class that already has natural synergy. Like Warlord or Witchblade with physical damage for example. You can make that work with Faction gear and target-farmable MIs, like Ugdenbog Girdle for Acid to Physical damage conversion (good Item for a Physical Witchblade).

Lokarr deals mostly Fire and Physical damage and reduces resistances by 40, so obviously you want to overcap fire resistance by at least 40% (you can use the fire res potion for the fight as well) and get some phys res going for you. Your Defensive Ability should be around 2700 because he’ll reduce it by 218, so he won’t crit you.

I’d probably go for Sword and Board to make use of Overguard to play it safe.

This Death Knight build should be a good starting point gear-wise. You can translate the gear for Warlord or Witchblade as well - or go with Death Knight.

I’ve been farming Lokarr on HC with Avenger Warder back when I was interested in getting his stuff.

yeah, you can farm him with basically everything if you know what you are doing. I farm him with a Witch Hunter on HC and it works perfectly fine. But then again, it is properly geared with endgame gear.