PVP Mod Testing

Hello Grim Dawn players & modders :slight_smile:
A while ago i started to play my favorite aarpg again, and as you maybe can think of, after first playthrough i thought it was a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, i really love this game, have near 2k hours in it only in steam, but i wanted more :smiley: So i decided to pop up the assetManager and get into it. After alot of cool stuff in PVE singleplayeraction, i decided to do some multiplayeraction with randoms and recently with a friend of me. Then i came on the thought, why no PVP, and tried to find answers. It is just not balanced so mostly it is not played. I saw there is kind of a tournament with magic items and such, cool idea, but not was I had in mind, so i went back into AM and started creating, ripping and reading ;D After a few day i came up with this

DOWNLOAD --> https://ufile.io/xl8a18uy

Now me and my friend was trying this, on my end everything is fine, in SP + MP, on his end, he can reach gdx2, but when he is at the PVP-NPC, there is just the old vanilla conversation present for him… i really would like to have a confirmation on this by SOMEONE else, and if so i really HOPE i can get an advice or some help on this issue, because i really really would love to play balanced PVP on this game with cool stuff and rewards :wink: There is a txt-File inside the downloadable archive which has ALL detailed informations you need. -> to sum it up, it is a simple PVP mod, where you go to The Conclave of the Three, go to a PVP-NPC, get quest for killing players, get reward, and ONLY PVP gives you level and rewards, NOTHING ELSE, no xp from anything else, nothing else except PVP gear can be worn, and nothing ELSE! NO STATS, NO SP, etc… it is a beginning, but i really NEED to know if this mechanic is working as i do have it my mind ;D

I wish you a good day/night all! Hope to hear from you.

If you want to participate in this, you can call me up in steam at anytime: Ashbrain

We figured it out, it was somehow the Tool: “Rainbow Filter” blocking the quest… pretty much unsure about how but as he disabled that, it was simply working :wink: