PVP Tournament Community Building

Hi, we are building a strong foundation for a hopeful PVP community on Steam. Rules are being updated and are still being tested. Hoping to build ladderized matches in the future if things go well.

  • For official / unofficial matches, a judge may be present to record the fight.
  • Official matches will have a video posting afterwards for all to see.
  • Gear inspections will be done by the judge before, during, and after the match.
  • Those “accounts” caught cheating will be banned from participating in the future.

Match Basics:

  • Matches will follow the TCL mechanic / Tiered fights for general balancing

  • Matches will be done in 3 rounds

  • Rounds will have a 5 minute break in-between

  • Changing gears and skills is allowed during the break period

  • Total Competitive Level (TCL) will be the basis of tiers (See General Info)

  • Total Competitive Level (TCL) is a way to balance player level and gear item level to match opponent

  • With the TCL mechanic, you can fight with anyone (essentially) in your tier range as long as they adjust their gears

How to start:

  1. Get listed in the forum for scheduling.

  2. Get your Total Competitive Level (TCL)

  3. Find an opponent in the same TCL range.

  4. Get to your match location starting point.

  • Team A: Devils Crossing Bridge
  • Team B: Burial Grounds Portal
  1. Enter the match area with NO buffs and NO summons
    -All buffs and summons will be done when the match has started.

  2. Fight. Die. Learn. Regear. Repeat.


T0) Total Competitive Level 27 and below.

  • Games will be played in normal/veteran mode.

T1) Total Competitive Level 39 and below.

  • Games will be played in normal/veteran mode.

T2) Total Competitive Level 40 to 64.

  • Games will be played in elite difficulty.

T3) Total Competitive Level 65 to 81.

  • Games will be played in elite difficulty.

T4) Total Competitive Level 82 and above.

  • Games will be played in elite or ultimate(depends).

General Info:

Total Competitive Level (TCL) is a way to balance players to be on the same fighting range. Meaning you can fight a level 100 even if you are level 70, as long as they equip level 35~40 gears to match your current TCL. Eg. (100+35)/2=67.5.

Total Competitive Level :
Average Item Level + Character Level / 2 = Total Competitive Level (TCL)

Average Item Level:
See inventory > Tab III > Stats section

Level 50 Character + Item level of 37, divided by 2 = Total Comp Level of 43.5 (Tier 2)
Level 100 Character + Item level of 40, divided by 2 = Total Comp Level of 70 (Tier 3)

“Remember PVP is VASTLY different from PVE, so adjust your build/items accordingly.”

If anyone wants to do trials for balancing purposes, feel free to message and add me.

P.S. I come from the GOG version of the game, just switched to steam recently.

How will you protect against people swapping legit gear for hacked gear right before the fights?

Gear inspection before, during, and after the fight. The judge will record via screenshots and bandicam recording. Anything suspicious that is out of the computational boundaries will be visible to all. Cheaters accounts will be banned from participating in future tournaments.

You want to summon ProjectPT?

Just upping this. Feel free to post if you want to join. Thanks!

This is just not gonna work in a single-player game. There is probably gonna be a couple of op builds with op gear and you would not be able to tell if a person farmed it or just added it from GD stash.

This game would have so much potential as a multiplayer-based game tho, but alas.

Not every game is path of exile. :rolleyes:

That shouldn’t really matter. You are free to have any type of gear that you want, as long as it is unmodded (thus the gear inspections).

We also have an idea what it takes to complete a full set of perfect gears. A fresh account with 1 character and minimal playtime cannot possibly do this as your stats can be tracked in the character window.

Lastly, It will be a 3 round fight. If you lose one, you adjust, and win. As far as i can tell and seen, there is no one piece of gear that is strong against everything especially if you play on Ultimate. The question is, what gears do you choose in the next rounds as your opponent will surely mix and match theirs too to take advantage of your weaknesses.

P.S. No, the judge will not tell you the equipped gears, only that if they are unmodded as you will see in the latter recordings. :wink:

I hate to sound like a real jackass sayin’ this but, you do realize the people can have more than 1 character built, not to mention the transfer stash is a thing.

and in regards to the “fresh account with one character on steam”, uh GoG exists, and that also means someone could transfer their saves over from the GoG version on to steam.

I mean if you like PVP that much that you want to do it for GD as well, cool, but you cannot police a game where every file for said game exists on our pc’s to be edited at will.

I just did that. I came from GOG, hence my 100 hour playtime on steam. The stats, kills, etc all carry over the character window from GOG.

The only thing that doesn’t are the steam accomplishments. On a cheated character however, none of those will appear. Unless you want to go through rigorous editing then be my guest. A character is just a character. What you do with it, its gear combinations, and skill utilization is what will make you win.

Remember, the outcome of each match on balanced players will be difficult to predict. As your opponent will be in the same range as you. It’s how you balance the build that counts, because when you die on the first round you already have a good idea why. In return, you have to adjust accordingly. The question is, do you think your opponent will re-enter with the same gears? Probably not. You might have the best build at level 100, but what if the match will be played at TCL 65 because your opponent is level 70? Perhaps those 3 rounds will be done in varying TCL’s. What then? Can you adjust and regear yourself in 5 minutes? That is the only time inbetween rounds that will be allowed. That’s the challenge.

PVP is vastly different from PVE.

There’s absolutely no way you could know if I farmed with another character and just speed-leveled the one I’d use, thus having low played time but the gear needed and yes, you can edit your way to winning.

There is no way this will work, you cannot police every single thing needed for it to. The idea in theory works, but cannot be executed.

The speed of leveling and farming is not the problem. I could care less even if you botted your way. In the end, the gears you farm will still be accessible to me if i’d invested my time. Which i and many others have already.

Why even go through all that effort to hide the character you farmed with? There is no reward in this to merit what you’re going to do. But if that’s the case then just show the character you leveled/farmed with. Easy. If you’re going to go through all that effort just to make up some lame excuse (or cheat). Then you’re simply out, and will be banned from future tournaments. Simple. This is not a charitable institution you know.

Let’s make it simple,

  1. Judge will check gear before, DURING, and after EACH match.
  2. Break time 5 minute each match. You free change gears.
  3. Judge will inspect and record your gears in video.
  4. Judge will inspect and record the match in video.
  5. People will see video. People will also judge video.
  6. If people doubt you, judge will investigate.
  7. If you are cheater, judge will ban you. Post your steam name in “public” di^ck list. Forever.

Next is character transparency.
I have 6 characters as of the moment. 87, 68, 61, 39, 25, and 12. All with complete records in the stats page tab III. I farm with the first 3. That wasn’t too hard to say now was it? Nothing to hide that will make things complicated.

Yes, i can police it enough to find credible players that will be in this for the LONG TERM. Why? because i have all the time in the world.

Rock paper scissors, I mean nullify shadow strike mirror.

When you’re playing a game where - even with the pvp damage adjustments in place - oneshots are still hysterically easy to manage you have <10 second matches that are determined by who clicked what when. If you have a 3s invuln that’s plenty of time to kill someone and arcanist just happens to give you nullify to purge any defensive measures they chose to make use of. The meta devolves to shadowstriking spellbreakers

SS into mirror? you die
nullify mirror? you win
SS before they mirror / they nullified for some reason? you win

Blitz battlemage would also be a thing but then you’re losing out on blade barrier, eh

Sorry but pretty much no one cares about PvP in this game, let alone to the degree you do.
You may want to set this up but using words like “police,” “inspection” and “judge” doesn’t exactly sound inviting to random strangers.

Same Diablo 3 issue i kept on hearing before. It should not work that way. SS build is a clearcut DPS build. You cant DPS in PVP. PVP is not the same as PVE.

If anyone here has an SS build which is around level 86 or a 100 that can drop down to TCL 64, then im willing to try this out.

I don’t need to play with “random” strangers. Have you read the thread yet?

You want to join the tournament? Then get listed here first.
Want to avoid cheaters? There are mechanics for proper inspections and judging.
Random “no-ones” who do not follow the tournament rules are not allowed to join.

I’m building a community, not some random garbage dump with shady “defensive” players.

Whatever floats your boat mang. Just telling you what this thread looks like from a random no one’s PoV.
No need to reply to this by the way, this is my last post in this thread as I don’t want to derail nor start an argument I have no interest in.

All you’re doing is making up seemingly arbitrary rules when someone tells you why this isn’t going to work. No one’s going to jump through hoops to join a tournament that won’t get off the ground. It’s an idea that only works in theory.

Diablo 3’s PvP is non-existing, so I don’t know why you’re bringing that up, lol.

That’s a… shady reply. You have something to hide? If you can’t follow, don’t join simple as that. Unfortunately for you, i already have a few players at hand and we’ll be doing testing next week.

As for Diablo 3, you have no idea what you’re talking about. There was a small but active community. Random players didn’t have a chance at winning though as they went in guns blazing with their best “PVE” gears. All of those are still in recording btw. Good times.

I have nothing to “hide”; PvP doesn’t belong in ARPGs imo. It’s great you have a “handful”, but a “handful” won’t get the idea off the ground. So unfortunately for you, it won’t go anywhere because your tournament idea is something that only functions as a theory.

Diablo 3’s PvP was and is non-existent, btw.