Pyromancer feedback beginner assist


New and loving the game so far. I’ve been looking into the compendium a lot but having difficulty finding any help for beginners. I know the end goal and the point of the build…(for example: Fire from the sky (Elementalist, Pyromancer, Purifier) (Beginner, Hc friendly) (Nandi))

Is it safe for me to just focus on the main skills to level up until the end? Which ones should I focus first until connecting it with proper late game gear?

My idea was to start focusing on skills and take whatever I can get with fire enhancement gears for early game…then start filtering afterwards as I get towards end game.

Any Pyro feedback would be great just to get help getting started.

Much appreciated.

Welcome to GD.

So, you chose a pyromancer. In currect meta pyromancers aren’t at the top of the list of the most efficient builds. But they’re still fun and can be quite strong. The only worthwhile main in demolitionist’s tree is Fire Strike so you probably wanna go ranged. Essentials include: Flame Touched for dmg and oa, Vindictive and Solael’s for attack speed, Blood of Dreeg for oa, heal, phys res and acid res, CoF for resistance reduction, Flashbang for da shred and fumble. Possession for dmg absorb, etc.

I believe it’s best to discover the game by yourself so that’s it. Good luck


What would be considered Meta these days?

Spellbinder probably, despite it’s recent nerf.

Inquisitor. :eek:

Spellbinders fell from the very first place to somewhere between 5th-10th. It’s always been my favorite class and I’ve been working day and night to squeeze some results in 7.1 but every day has been another blow: new under 6:30 results by all kind of Malakors, Deathmarked, even Venomblades… Melee rules these days.

Clairvoyaint nukes are gone. Aether Panetti is either super testy or slow. Agrivix is still at the top and please don’t nerf that too… :frowning:

I don’t judge build on Crucible, but on how they perform ingame.

Ingame Pets>Nightblade>Inquisitor>>>everething else by far.
In crucible Pets>Inquisitor>Nightblade>Arcanist>Soldier

This is all juicy info thanks so much…Gimme more

Just depends on what you want for your build really. There are some beginner builds in the compendium, the Death Knight one by Stupid Dragon is very popular as is Nightmare’s Vlitality Cabalist.

I wouldn’t worry about meta builds atm. Just play the game, explore everywhere, break anything breakable and learn the mechanics of the game. The Game Guide will help with that

as will this new player knowledge thread