QoL - Inquisitor's Seal

After playing around with Inquisitor’s Seal, it seems kind of janky as a targeted spell. I think it should be a “cast to drop it at your own feet” rather than a point and cast ability. Especially because:

  • The range is too short to place it as a trap
  • The buffs it gives are too powerful not to want them on yourself at all times
  • Its current form interrupts game flow and makes it difficult to keep attacking (especially in ranged builds)

In it’s current form, as a pseudo pet summon,there is no way to have it summoned directly below the caster, at least not to my knowledge

I agree. It seems to mostly cast so that you are at the edge of it, but not always. And it’s hard to tell visually where it ends. I’d rather just have it drop at your feet regardless of where the pointer is.

They can sort of work around this, by increasing the size of the Seal a bit, so that at least your character won’t end up moving too far to cast it, or stay out of the Seal after you cast it on larger enemies, like Aetherial Sentinels/Guardians, since the Seal will be cast directly below them, making it hard for you to be inside the Seal area.

I personally have no problems placing it but then again I use Shift click as to not move when placing it or when raining hell down a hall.

It’s definitely a bit annoying to be trying to shoot specific things at the opposite end of the screen and needing to move your mouse all the way back across the screen to re-cast it. If it’s not possible to make it drop it at your feet (I was thinking maybe there could be a button you could hold to “self-cast” things, but I don’t know if the engine allows for that) could it at least cast it a step or two in front of you so that you could potentially move forward into it without having to move your mouse from one side of the screen to the other?

I definitely agree. As a melee tank, for example, you actually want to keep attacking and casting the seal directly below your feet.
However, due to wonky targeting it’s casted below enemy’s feet. So you have to move your cursor from the enemy, stop attacking and cast the seal below you.
It’s really wobbly.

The problem has to do with placement outside where you are already standing. For example, while channeling FoI on an aetherial obelisk, you can easily cast it on the obelisk and then be stuck waiting for the cooldown. That can be fatal on HC.

Yeah I’ve had that happen quite a bit, the seal is surprisingly deceptive with how close you have to be though so even if I placed it directly underneath one or a boss I could still get it if I was basically hugging it. But I see your point.

I agree with this board and want to improve seal’s casting system. I can’t cast it when my mouse over allies char(include pets), so often there is no space for casting in multi-game.

Good points, I would like to add my own annoyance: the buff doesn’t appear for about two seconds after you started casting the seal. First there’s this spin-up animation, cool I guess. Then you have to wait, like with wendigo totem, for the buff to become active. All the while you get hit in the face, not a great experience for me. This might be acceptable with melee builds with heavy armor but I’m building a caster.

Yes, its a bit hard to use it smoothly. My usual mistake is that I put the Seal under enemies and the Rune of Kalastor under my own feet. :grinning: I just have to get used to it but the using mechanics are the same for both skills.

I just was involved in a lengthy discussion about the seal in another thread. I was stating, that i didn’t like it on my 2H ranged Vindicator, due to its clunkyness in practical gameplay. Imo it would be completely fine, if it had a slightly higher range. 5m should suffice. (Taking this value from Wendigo Totem.) Then you could actually move a step to the side within the seal, when necessary, and had less troubles to fight for your spot in the journey to Jerusalem :smiley: .

I agree that the casting is quite awkward. I need to stop shooting and bring the cursor all the way back to me in order cast the seal every 12 seconds. I’d prefer it the targeting was done away with entirely and seal was just spawned beneath your feet wherever you happened to be standing at the time you cast it. (Same with Ritual Circle kthx)

Just wanted to add my voice of agreement to this chorus. It’s not terrible but just awkward enough to make me question whether I wanted to make heavy use of the skill.

My biggest problem with Inquisitor Seal is that it has a delay befor it becomes active, this delay is about 1.5 second after you cast it, both Barrier (buff) and Rebuke (damage enemy) has this 1.5 second delay. Really awkward to use as self buff and damage dealing skill.

I first thought it would work more like Sigil of Consumption, instantly dealing damage after casted. This 1.5 second delay should be remove quickly. It doesn’t make any sense. So my number 1 QoL change for Inquisitor Seal would be to has it delay removed.

Would love to see the seal cast at feet as well as a bigger aura. The dream would be to have it somehow move with you as you walk - but i guess only dreams are free

It is primarily a buff and defensive spell. The damage helps finishing off targets fast. Seal is fine imho.