QoL Request: Damage display filter on options

Since there is no combat log in this game, it’s a pain to keep track on how much damage you do, even if you’re attacking the trainning dummies, because of how the damage numbers works. If your attack causes a DoT and you keep attacking the trainning dummy, it becomes very hard to tell apart which damage is from a DoT and which is from the actual skill itself.

So here is my request/suggestion to sort this out: Let us have an in-game option to choose/filter which damage types (base damage, DoTs and crits) we want to show separately.

Right now, you can only toggle all damage digits from showing on/off, but it would be nice if we could select to show, say, the base damage of our skills only, if your build doesn’t rellies on DoTs, or just show crit damage (like on TQ), or to just show DoTs, for DoT based builds.

I think that this would add a huge improvement to the game. :slight_smile:

+42 for this option

Having different colored numbers for different types would also be nice to have.

only if you could toggle the separate damage type numbers on/off. Otherwise there would be way too many numbers on the screen to make sense of.

I’ve thought on that before, but considering how easily it is to deal lots of different damage types, you’d get a separate damage number per damage source, cluttering your screen, meaning it would end up looking like this: