Query about storage with large population

those who have reached a population of 1000, what is the configuration of warehouses, deposits and vaults? I have almost 10 of each, will it be necessary more?thanks

Since i divided my town into different areas (living, industry, storing etc), i chose to place them in the middle of that division, like a frontier.
Easy for workers to get to them as well as people and merchants.

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frankly, with a population of 550, I have only one vault and one storehouse (upgraded) and it’s enough because I only build enough for my needs (I don’t build extra to sell to traders).

However, for resources, I do have 3 warehouses.

  • one dedicated for wood, located near my fire splitters, saw-houses and charcoal maker to make those 3 industries extra efficient.
  • one dedicated to my industry with the 5 resources that you can mine (sand, iron, gold, clay and coal that I actually make cause no coal on the map)
  • the last one contains the finished products and will usually be located closer to the people (firewood, planks, bricks)

For root-cellars (all upgraded):

  • one dedicated to meat: close to the barns and smokehouses also dedicated to meat
  • one dedicated to milk and cheese … also close to the barns … and the cheese maker
  • 2 more general ones for the rest

And finally, only one granary … close to the fields … and 1 mill … and a brewery not too far that benefits from the grain and the honey that all come from the “fields”.