Question about Blitz and Markovian's Advantage

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to do a search to find out if the DA reduction from Blitz-Blindside is overridden by the DA reduction when MA is triggered but haven’t been able to confirm.

Currently, the DA reduction is higher with Blindside as I have invested more points into it but will reallocate if it gets overridden.


It has been on a forum like a million times and you can find the answer in 5 seconds:

Rule of thumb OP. “-x” stuff will tend to stack, but when you add words like “reduced” to the effect, it will use the highest value only.

I was not asking if they stack, I was asking if the higher Blindside DA reduction gets overridden by my lower Markovian Advantage DA reduction when it triggers.

Cool, so Blindside DA reduction will “linger” even if Markovians Advantage triggers right?

When it comes to sources with flat amounts, the one with the highest amount will always be the one that gets applied. So if Blindside DA reduction is higher than Markovian’s Advantage, then it will be the one that gets applied.


In the 2nd post of the 1st thread from the search results above

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Thanks for everyones help and apologies if I didn’t search hard enough (all I seemed to find was that they obviously didn’t stack).