Question about Challenger/Gladiator Crucible drops

So, after some farming i was finally able to beat Gladiator Crucible with my DEE Witchblade, but i didn’t noticed a relevant increase of leg drops on Gladiator, it’s dropping like 5-7 legs per 100-150 run, which is almost the same amount that i get on Challenger runs.

The question is, can i get more “rare” items on Gladiator? I mean, when i say “rare”, i’m talking about some 75 items that is kinda difficult to drop, like Ultos, Dreeg and some sets, which i rarely see on Challenger. I have this question because i can farm a lot more legs on Challenger due to the time invested, since it takes a lot more time on Gladiator.

I normally get 2-4 on challenger so 5-7 is a definite improvement… after 20 challenger runs the most I’ve ever gotten was 5. I doubt you’re getting 5-7 consistently on Challenger.

I forgot to mention that i do 6th spawn runs on Challenger so yeah, on a normal spawn i get like 2-4 but with 6th spawn i get like 4-7 per run and it’s A LOT faster than farming normal spawn Gladiator. So in terms of items per hour Challenger is more rewarding, at least for me. The question is, do i have the same chance to drop for example, a Dreeg set part, regardless if i’m playing on Challenger or Gladiator, or does Gladiator have a better drop rate on those lv75 items? It’s not like Elite vs Ultimate, clearly Ultimate have better drops since the monster level is a lot higher, but on Crucible the mobs are 86+ in both difficulty levels so that raises a question.

You would need to look at how many MI you are getting in Challenger.

Most Gladiator (EX Spawn) give 6-7 Purples and your main inventory in MI drop. So that’s what I would be looking in term of comparing both.

Personally I don’t care Crucible Solo is not something I enjoy and when playing 2-3-4 players Gladiator ExSpawn can be done with basicly any set of character (man I did it with a Vortex of Souls, not at level 85 (something like 78) with gear I had (not a single MI) and the Devotion was reset from a Pure Cold Arcanist to Vortex of Souls at level 75 (so yeah Celestial Proc were around like 4 not 15 or 20 so…) still my data can give you information to work with.

I like others in thread don’t care for crucible solo, effort=reward isn’t there at all.
Having said that multiplayer sometimes you get one OP guy who carries everyone levels 130-150 no sweat, find those games sit back and take a nap. Other option join the 130 die farm games or what ever number they are. It feels like cheating the system but crucible is boring as it is why not spawn all mobs on 130 everyone die instantly farm chest repeat. I’ve netted more purple and parts this method. Only reason I ever do crucible is the hopes of missing blueprint drops but alas have’t seen on ever in crucible.