Question about Crucible

Hi guys !
I’ve just done some “researchs” from Wiki about Crucible, cause I’m still new to this (just bought the DLC yesterday).
But there is still somethings that I’ve not figured out yet.

Reward will be greater after every 10 waves of enemies.
There will be an extra chest based on your final score.
And the score will increase each time you slay a monster.

SO, the question is :
The best option for better loot, is starting the Crucible from the beginning (wave 0) or from wave 100 (with tougher enemies) ?

Extra question :
For example, If i reach wave 130, and die at wave 135, i will only be reward for wave 130 right ?
But if the loot is all same, as I die at trying to reach wave 140 (dying does no harm to the loot ?), or leave immediately at wave 130, so what’s the point to choose leaving ?

Thank you guys for helps !

One thing to keep in mind with crucible - the loot only really gets worth it if you clear wave 150. Anything less than that and your reward will only be so-so…I mean if your character is just leveling in the 30ish range then the loot from lower waves might be worth it but you really should aim for 150 and then adjust difficulty as needed. So clearing wave 150 aspirant is > than wave 0-149 Challenger.

To somewhat answer your question. To efficiently farm the Crucible you must:

  1. Be able to beat wave 150, don’t bother talking to that asshole Lokarr if you can’t, unless you’re just there for money of course.
  2. Never die, seriously dying in Crucible sucks , not only that you won’t be able to beat 150 if you die, but you also lose all your buffs and they’re expensive.

Choose the highest difficulty that you can still reach these conditions. Farm route is 100-150 then repeat 130-150 3 more times.

thank u guys for advices.
the buffs will be lost at dying, but does it harm the loot ?
because i’m not using the buffs much.
is it better choice to spend Tributes rather than the Beacons (defense site) ?

With two buffs + 1 fully upgraded beacon you will never run out of money if you can clear 100-150 in under 25min, that’s the standard triple buff setup. If you can’t clear that fast atm then I guess 1 beacon + 1 buff is a good choice since beacons only go away when you choose to reset to the beginning.

when you die you will lose your primary lootcrate (which have the realy good loot in them) + bonus for not clearing wave 150.
so you should realy be carefull with crucible to not overexrent yourself
for starters you should try to make yourself as tanky a possible without sacrificing to much dps, maxed resisitences are very important for challenger or gladiator.
+be carfull of the mad queen she can be a real b****

So is it better to claim at say wave 100 or higher if you aren’t sure you can clear without getting killed? Is it better to just enter with fully leveled and maxed out characters in that case? I’ve only had two characters of about 10 I’ve tried crucible with actually clear the first difficulty.

So I just tried this out to do some testing, had a few oh shit moments but cleared aspirant lvl 1-150. Got one bad purple and a top tier plan (bane). Is there a guaranteed plan at lvl 150 or something?