Question about devotion proc tied to a passive.

I’ve asked this question about attack procs and believe I understand how they work when tied to a skill, but I wonder if it’s the same for passives.

If I tie the tortoise proc (100% chance at 40% health) to the Deadly Aim skill, (100% chance of activating on a critical, 5 second duration) does this mean in order for tortoise to proc, I have to drop below 40% during the 5 seconds after I got a crit? It sounds like a useless union.

If I tied crab’s proc (15% chance when hit) to deadly aim, would that also mean that it only has a 15% chance to proc if I’m hit during those 5 seconds?

It doesn’t seem like there’s much advantage to tying procs to skills that only occasionally go off, especially if both are only chance events.

Hopefully I’m wrong and passives are constant.

They only go off, while the passively activated aura is on. Tortoise would make more sense with Menhir’s Will.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping it wouldn’t work like that. I only have 3 passives that are non-stop and the option to use deadly aim for a 4th, yet I planned out 5 devotions that need constant passives.

I’ll work something else out.

It’s actually a smart mechanic. You can link defensive devotion procs to “when under XX% health” ability because you want your proc to happen when it matters, not when you receive a 100 smash from a trash mob.

Sure, but I don’t wear equipment so I’m stuck with choosing from just skills from my classes, 3 are constant, plus deadly aim. Nothing against how tortoise works, I don’t see any posts where you might believe someone was criticizing how tortoise works. It’s what I can tie it to that’s the issue. It’s not much good if it’s only active 5 seconds after a crit.