Question about devotions skills setup

When it comes to the devotions, I am unsure which skills are the best.
Is this optimal?:
Dead God:Bloody Pox
Manticore: Devouring Swarm
Bat: Storm Totem
Hourglass: Sigil of Consumption
Wendigo’s Mark: COF

I am new to this game and I am not sure I made the right choices…

Thanks in advance!

Wow looks like my question was harder to answer than I thought!
Or are you all daydreaming about the coming expansion? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bit of both. Use Grimtools to make it easy for us to help you

I am personally daydreaming about expansion but i try to help you anyway : Cof with wendigo is a good choice cause it spreads it in a large area pretty fast, for hourglass you need something fast and clean that you can time perfectly : I find doom bolt to be ideal for it. The rest seems ok.

Thank you both for your answers.

I was folowing this build:, but I was not aware I could see his devotions until I clicked on Chthon grimcalc link and saw the icons flashing green!

Thanks for the help and I must say I am also thrilled for the expansion even though I just started playing!