Question about finding gear

I’m following this build:
I’m trying to get “The Pummeler” “Visor of Octavius” “Bulwark of Octavius” and more:

the only drop/location info I was able to see “Ashes of Malmouth”, so this weapon is a random drop in this location? or there is some boss that have higher chance of dropping it?

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Most drops in the game are random so probably can drop anywhere.

Ashes of Malmouth is not a drop location, it is simply a tag that those items can only drop in Ashes of Malmouth expansion.

The drops are totally random

So i can basically quit of trying to farm this build :confused: since you can’t really “farm” anything and just lay on RNG.

In GD there are MI items and few legendary sets that drop from specific bosses,everything else is pure luck.So you can’t plan ahead with you build,unless you already have the items required.

I’m using the same guide and still haven’t got any of the pieces to drop after weeks of playing. Rng is random.

That being said, I was able to farm 2 pieces of Krieg’s and have some other decent gear (some green) and my resists are capped, so farming in Ultimate is fairly easy. Just gotta keep hitting bosses and nemeses and hope for the best.

On a side note, I was watching a streamer the other night and he had The Pummeler drop from one of the chests in Alkamos’s room. I was so jelly!

Alkamos’s located in broken hills which is out of Ashes of Malmouth, how is that possible?

Items tagged with Ashes of Malmouth are only available if you have the DLC installed, but they can drop everywhere (unless otherwise specified, like for MIs)

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Ashes of Malmouth tag means that you need Ashes of Malmouth DLC installed to be able to drop this equipment. For items marked with Forgotten Gods tag you obviously need Forgotten Gods DLC installed.

You can not target farm basically any item in Grim Dawn, apart from those that are labeled “MI”

As someone wrote, you can drop AoM and FG items anywhere in the game, but you need AoM and FG for those items to drop. Loot tables get updated with the expansions

Basically over on Grim Tools, the item indicates which expansion the item was added, so in this case AoM, and as others above have said, once you have those expansions, the items can drop pretty much anywhere in game.