Question about Fire Resistence Reduction

Hi guys,

i want to build a rifle sorcerer with nearly 100% fire/burn damage.
I question myself if this reduction is enough:

  • Viper (20%)
  • Blackwater-Cocktail (25%) + eldritch fire (20%)
  • maybe end-game wearing ulzuin’s helmet (15%)

Do you think this is enough? Iam also using OFF which reduces resistence
of enemies (of bosses too ???) and i dont like thermite mines…

I understand that you don’t like thermites. I don’t either, not at all. But you will need them in ultimate vs bosses/nemeses.

If you want a sorc rifle you can check this out. Just MAx explosive strike if you want more burn and get all the burn nodes.

Or do you think pyromancer is the better choice?
Maybe i don’t Need mines when using COF for another -30%?

If only the Thermite Mines flame jets were horizontal instead of vertical, they’d have a bit of range!

I didn’t like them too, at first, but now at least I have gotten used to luring enemies to stand on them.

Pyromancer is pretty good, CoF also helps in kiting as it slows enemies.

So playing as a pyromancer i think firemines are not a ‘must have’:

  • CoF -30%
  • eldritch fire -20%
  • elemental storm 30%
  • ulzuins head -15%
  • Viper 20%

So without Viper i have 95% RR, with Viper nearly 100%…
Isn’t that ultimate viable?!

None is viable if you don’t mind some fights taking awhile