Question about item properties

Hi guys!
Quick intro: love the game, love coding, so I wanted to create a stash tool (yet another stash tool I know :slight_smile: ).

Thanks to the info here on the forums I can decrypt the save file and decompress game database right now.
In the dbr file, as I understood it, there’s infomation about item properties, but those are base values to which jitter and attribute scaling apply.

What I’m trying to figure out is how can I get the exact values of the properties of an item in my shared stash. I mean, the information about the item in the save file is minimal, yet the game knows how to get back my item with my properties.

Unless I am missing something there is only the item seed which the game may use to get the item back from the “base” version.

Do you guys have any thoughts?


Yes, you need the seed to get the exact values. You then need to have the same RNG as Crate and figure out the right stat sequence and possibly whatever little quirks there are to get the same value for every stat.

I can help with the RNG, but after that you are on your own… there is a reason why none of the stash tools show the actual values, if you figure out the missing part, let us know :wink:

Hello mamba, thanks for your answer.

I understand now this is not a simple task :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll try to understand more but I can’t make any promises.
I will post any findings of course.