Question about my druid build

Hello everyone this is my druid build Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. It’s pretty solid in terms of damage but survivability can get tricky at times. I play vanilla GD as I am not that experienced and will not try HC at this time. I recently went to look at top 20 vanilla GD builds and saw at number 20 a druid build just like mine was in there. This is the build Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. My question is how much better is this build than mine? Should I go with the cataclysm build or I’m ok with mine? Like I said my build does a ton of damage but maybe this cata build survives better? Idk I’m still learning a lot about this game. Maybe one of you have a better sense on explaining which is better.

Build is ok. Just get a Seal of Skies as a filler to get some more heals from leech. Usually TSS chooses between TSS focus with the green book and Cataclysm. You chose the former which is fine.

For survivability, it’s more meta to go for regen with Behemoth over the green belt with Scales because you waste the flat rr on Scales when you still pick Crown, and you can only get half the Scales leech anyway. Check out ⭐ Top 20 Softcore builds in Grim Dawn (An Opinion)

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ok so seal of skies does change the game a lot as far has health regen. The only thing I’m missing is the medal which I’m using mark of calamitous desires. I’m assuming mythical tempest sigil gives me more dmg.

here’s an alternative/non cataclysm setup that was used and hailed for a while (he switched to cataclysm later)
if you notice even there that was a rather “stark” contrast in the sustain/survival elements vs yours, more regen and heal procs etc
and ofc as ya1 already mentioned, not having seal of skies means you get to sustain even less, specially when ghoul procs

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You already has Rhowan crown for RR and tons of energy reg, also vit → lightning, I suggest take Bat for life leech too.