Question about on-floor procs

So I know that DoT from on-floor procs bypasses things like shield block and flat DR.

Will the flat phys damage from sandreaver’s proc likewise bypass enemy armor?

The question is, why would it? It maybe is a ground damage (at least I think so, as you imply so, or I just misunderstand you), but that doesn’t mean it’ll ignore armor. It’s still a physical damage.

I mean, on-floor effects bypass flat damage absorption* (e.g. things like ascension, and inqui seal).

Maybe armor works the same way?


And you’re right mate, should have clarified that the proc is an on-floor effect. It is actually visually identical to kuba’s blood pool, which makes fighting him really damn confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

On the floor procs don’t bypass anything. The physical in the sandreaver gloves proc will get reduced by the enemy’s armor.

What are you talking about. On-floor procs aren’t even affected by DA! They also aren’t affected by damage reduction like war-cry.

This is why aether fire is so dangerous

… no, aetherfire is so dangerous because it takes a set percentage of your total health, not whatever you think it does or ignores.

Okay. My bad. But it still ignores those things.

Wait, I think you’re misunderstanding something. There are two types of ground damage:

skill-ground-damage, which behaves like every other skill. Kuba’s blood pools are pets with their own OA and they seem to scale with Kuba’s OA too (you can correct me here)

fixed ground damage, like aether paths, lava, poisonous waters (of doom) and other similar things. They deal % HP damage, which is not affected by anything except for % damage reduction (you can use Arcanist’s Mirror to check that).

Plus aetherfire is not an on the floor proc a la sandreaver gloves or duality ring proc. And damage absorption, either % or flat, reduce aethefire damage and any of the other variants.

I see…so you mean to say that I’m completely wrong? (surprise, surprise :p)

Basically kuba’s blood pools do not count as an on-floor effect?

Because I’ve heard contradictory information from fluff:

Kuba’s pools are just pets, Wendigo Totems to be exact.

It ignores them because checking would be pointless. Aetherfire really just does a percentage of total health every second, usually something like 5 to 10% though sometimes more. It’s different from life reduction damage because that takes a percentage of your remaining health, not total, so it never kills you. So, the whole damage calculation step is not needed and skipped.

Okay, this seems to clarify my misunderstanding. Really appreciate it mates.

Quick question though - if kuba’s blood pools are the equivalent of player-scaled pets, then why wouldn’t they be affected by damage reduction?

EDIT: Gonna requote fluff in case anyone missed it -

I don’t think I’ve read that before, where did you get that information? I doubt it’s true to be honest.

You might’ve missed my edit, apologies.

But it was mentioned by fluff while I was writing out my piloting guide.

Right, what that quote says is that you can’t lower debuffs applied to the player through damage absorption, which is of course correct. Doesn’t say anything about the damage those pools deal, which I assume is affected by damage absorption.

Ah. That makes sense. So what constitutes as an on-floor effect?

Anything which is part of the natural environment?

It’s actually the same thing with a different texture on it. Aetherfire, lava and poisonous water all deal a percentage of total health as damage, the only difference is how large this percentage is. The differences beyond that are cosmetic.

Would those whirley sand tornadoes adhere to the same mechanic as on-floor procs?

They’re just an immortal mob I’m afraid.