Question about Retaliation Builds.

Does anyone actually ENJOY playing ret builds? I just tried one and I honestly can’t imagine how to make a game experience any duller. I don’t know why Crate put retaliation/reflect in the game at all, or why they made gear and devotions that center around these mechanics.

Because people can enjoy something you don’t.

I know, but WHY? I’m genuinely curious.

I have a pet retaliation character in the works that I am quite interested in. I’ll get back to it once I’m done testing another character that focuses on Night’s Chill, Shadow Strike, and Olexra’s Flash Freeze.

I have a high reflect/retalliation and high health-regeneration build,
especially for HC farming.
This char can go everywhere, Sentinel on Ultimate is no problem
at all. I use it for farming Fabius on HC Ultimate, he cant crit me.
Does it make fun? Hmm, its kind of fun, when Fabius cannot kick
your ass anymore.
And it makes fun getting all the legendarys I need without dying.
And with a very high reflect I dont have real problems with
ranged chars.

Leveling was fun. Playing is… funny.

regards Arkon

Similar thoughts to Arkon above.
Its funny playing retaliation builds as you just move through packs watching them kill themselves :wink:

That being said, I play about 4-5 chars at the same time with varying play-styles, keeps things interesting and fun :smiley:

currently got the Retaliator, Petmaster, pBlades, Blademaster, quickjacks/trozans going :slight_smile: leveling a new sword and board physical build as I just completed the myrmidon set :smiley: and have 2 markovian fortress pieces :smiley: if he gets tanky enough, I will probably play him more than the reatliator :slight_smile:

my 2c :slight_smile: