Question about skills: Soul Harvest and Lethal Assault

Hey guys,

I would like to know why every build I see with necromancer has Soul Harvest maximized, even if base damage isn’t cold and vitality?

Does the same thing happen with nigthtblade, that every build I see maximizes Lethal Assault, even if the base damage of the build isn’t cold and acid?

What makes these skills so good?

If the base damage rly isnt the respective ones of the 2 skills, then very most likely, the cold/vitality or cold/acid is being converted.


Soul Harvest and Lethal Assault are buffs, that means the flat dmg (and %dmg) is added to the global pool; this is highly useful for weapon attack builds/builds using skills with %weapon dmg as the buffs confer a ton of flat dmg that then boosts those attacks
this is regardless of the base dmg type of the main skill node itself, specially since the flat dmg from the buffs, like any global flat, can be converted, and vitality/cold dmg conversion is abundant

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That’s exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for the reply! :partying_face: