Question about steam cloud

Hi guys,
got a question that’s probably stupid, but here we go.

I’ve always had the steam cloud save disabled and only saved my progress on my local PC. Will everything get saved in the cloud when I re-enable it? Asking because I’ll get a new PC in the next couple days and don’t want to lose my progress. I also don’t want to bother with all that copy/save nonsense when enabling the steam cloud save would do it all for me :wink:

Assuming saves were never uploaded to the cloud at any point, yes, enabling cloud saves will then upload your current saves to it.

However, you can also backup this directory and transfer it to a new PC:

\Documents\my games\Grim Dawn

I guess the question is do you plan to continue using cloud saving afterwards? If not, then you’ve got to do the transfer back to local saves again so might as well do as Zantai suggests and just copy the folder and paste it in again on the new machine.

I think I’d be using the cloud saves in the future, as until now I’ve only played on my PC. I intend to play on my laptop in the future as well, as I’ll be doing quite some travelling again in a couple of months, so having the saves in the steam cloud would be handy. And I think I did some cloud saving when I started playing, for the first couple hours or so. Now I’m nearing 900 hours and I don’t intend to start from zero again.

Alright, I found out how to delete the old files in the cloud and sync my local character files with the steam cloud, so that’s solved now :slight_smile: