Question about "tanky" ranged builds

So I want to know, if the only metric you care about is defense, not necessarily clear or damage, just the ability to be really tanky, what is the best you can do with a ranged attacking build?

I know that ranged builds can often use damage and kiting instead but lets say I have a misguided desire to facetank as much as possible while holding a gun.

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I’m not very familiar with ranged builds in general but the stronghold paladin is one such build. At least it worked for me


Choose your destiny :laughing:

From more powerful to less

  1. ⚡ ( (Ranged) Janey Powell Paladin Gunslinger (No Greens)

  2. ⚡ ( (Ranged) Shauna Chalmers Vindicator Ludrigan's Pride (No Greens)

  3. ⚡ ( (Ranged) Sara Sloane Vindicator Gunslinger (No Greens)

  4. ⚡ ( (Ranged) Rachel Jordan Paladin Stronghold of the Legion (No Greens)

  5. ⚡ ( (Ranged) Alaska Nebraska Purifier Stronghold of the Legion (No Greens)


I’ll check these out, thanks!

This one is also for you, but only if you want a non-standard build :slight_smile: