Question about the Crucible Gameplay Mechanic

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I bought yesterday the Crucible DLC and start a Lvl 1 Char @ Hardcore.
(I play only HC)

I dont want to waste my High Lvl Chars and for me personally its a higher Challenge to start with a fresh Char without Gear.
The Thing i dont understand is, that if a only beat one Wave, take my Reward and start a new Wave there are every Time the same Hero Boss and the Waves not become more difficult.
This only happens, if a beat some Waves in a row, but i need as a new Char Gear and Lvl ups.

Is this DLC only for Lvl 85 Chars with good Gear?


I have managed to get to level 10 with my level 1 hc new char, stopped, due to ineffectiveness of my weapon and grabbed my rewards.

I doubt I can clear 150 levels before I ge amazing gear though since the last 2 levels can be insane (got a paper sc char too).

The better your gear the further you can go, but since you can keep repeating with no penalty, I’d say it’s even for new chars (they can get cheap(er) devotion points too.

Right now for me Devotion Points cost 8 tributes a piece (believe I have 8 right now) am Level 18 and can go 1 thru 50 no real problems. Off to work now but when I get home I am going to start starting at 50 as I am only getting 1 level per 1-50 full clear.

After a few runs of 1-10 and 1-20 and cashing out for gear you should be able to start pushing 1-50 runs which will grant you more tributes and better gear cash outs.

The first 5 Devotion points cost 3 Tribute apiece. After that they become 8. Anymore changes at that point I’m unsure of.

If you’ve received any in the main campaign prior this will of course affect what you will start out having to pay in the Crucible.

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I filled out my last 3 devotions for 40 tributes each.

Does any one know if you can restart at a certain level after exiting the game or need to commence from 1?

If this is possible, can someone explain it to me?

I have cleared up to level 149 (died on 150) in Challenger but when I log in I have to start from 1 again.

If not then it’s a shame and quite tedious to run 100 levels again…

if you make it to level 50 you can restart there. Then 100 is the next check point. Otherwise you have to start over.

Weird it doesn’t give me this option.

It’s not giving me the option to start at a certain wave either. Furthermore, I can’t find the option to select a certain Crucible map. Is it randomized?

Map seems random, and far as I know you need to be on the Map that you made it to level 50 on to be able to start from there. Just re-log until you get the map you want :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, just tried this and it works. pity it doesn’t do it for all maps.

Crate said that they plan to enable the wave restore for all maps instead of just the one you achieved it in a future update.