[Question] Bleed mods on Ultos set

Ultos’ Tempest Set: increased Lightning damage bonus to 33-66. Added -0.5s Cooldown and 200 Bleed damage / 3s modifiers for Primal Strike. Added 120% Bleed damage bonus and added % Bleed damage to the set pieces. Added 200 Bleed damage / 3s modifier for Savagery.

so, this is the new (upcoming) mods for bleed on Ultos set. I genuinely have a question, why lightning set has twice as big bleed mods for Savagery than dedicated one, Bloodrager? this seems like a weird design to say the least, and note that Bloodrager has very mediocre mods by itself and no % damage.

so I just don’t understand how a dedicated set can have worse mods than a set that never had any bleeding support before.


to make bleed ultos a thing
while likely regular bleed savagery bloodrager is so powerful it doesn’t need it/would just make it even more powerful than current state warrants
bleed support on Ultos was directly requested recently
tho if all the bleed mods are on full set i suppose it wouldn’t actually help the specific request made, full Set couldnt’ be used because of Stormrend etc :sweat_smile:


I think one cannot just slap on huge mods on Lultos set and call it a day. like, it has now better flat and bleed to savagery than the dedicated set.
dunno, it’s just weird.

Generally it’s good. PS mod were adequate but Z included Savagery aswell. But Bloodrager’s only wonder isn’t Savagery mods so you are a bit overracting. I was expecting some Stormrend support aswell.


did ultos set update ingame for you? mine didn’t :thinking:

cuz the test patch didnt get updated yet :sweat_smile:

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asking because i had an update earlier :smile:

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I didn’t have one.

Ultos bleed will most likely be a lot better than rager. Why?

  • first of all it has cdr (hello mogy wolfy)
  • lightning damage as a secondary damage type will actually help sustain since its not highly resisted unlike physical which is highly resisted and also has the armor as an extra layer
  • ultos warder with spam savagery + cd PS will wreck havoc
  • both the skills get huge crit dmg % unlike savagery
  • did i mention it also has attack speed and casting speed?!

These are just from the top of my head.

Highly resisted or not, armor or no armor - all dmg types are balanced anyway.
I won’t look it up now, but wasn’t the choir that phys dmg is actually LOW resisted, hence trauma dmg used to be some holy grail? Additionally, there is no devotion that supports both lightning and bleeding (as opposed to phys). Maybe that’s why the bleed values are that high on Ultos now.

I agree with the rest ofc.
Excited about the performance.

Not the case of trauma on bloodrager. Its only crumbs of flat phys and rest is bleed.

If it’s substantially better, seems like a problem. If it’s comparable…uh, cool? Here’s a new Bleed option?


The fact that we have a new bleed option is definitely cool. But apparently those mods dont make up for the lack of sources. I tested a warder and an archon with spam savagery and cd ps and they both were squishy and 5 min builds. However they do facetank better than bloodrager can so there’s that. Probably the healing procs on rager should be on attack/crit rather than on enemy death, and higher health restored.

So I guess this thread was unfounded then, huh…

Not necessarily. Maybe what I’ve tried was suboptimal.