Question @Devotion Points

So I’m trying to plan out my character ahead of time, as the last time I just winged it and then later found out you can’t undo your class, and for a time there couldn’t undo your masteries either. Long story short, I have a character I fell in love with, ruined with a secondary class I don’t want, so this time around, I’m planning on mapping everything out ahead of time and I need some info on Devotion points:

  1. The wiki here says there are a total of 55 Devotion points in 3-difficulties. How does this work exactly? For every shrine you repair or purify, you receive 1-devotion point?

  2. So at 55 Devotion points spread out amongst 3-difficulties, that’d be 18.33333… shrines per difficulty. I’m confused on how this makes sense. Is there an extra shrine in one of the difficulties?

  3. The wiki I linked above also states that in Crucible, you can trade in 5 tributes for 5 Devotion points (which is a ridiculous amount, but Crucible seems vastly overpowered to me and completely game-breaking anyway when you compare it to the campaign). Can this trade-in exceed the 55 Devotion points you get from shrines? I does not say so anywhere on the wiki, which leads me to believe Crucible allows for endless devotion points, but this is also illogical, so I can only assume it’s capped at 55.

  4. Did the two expansions add more shrines, and if so, did this raise the amount of Devotion points you can get from shrines above 55?

Thank you guys for any and all answers ahead of time! It’s much appreciated.

There are more than 55 things in the world that award devotion points, but the maximum points a character can have is 55. So even if you miss some shrines, you can still get to the max of 55.